South Yarra life

Goddamn time goes by fast. It is now officially autumn and the much dreaded winter is just around the corner! Hello march. When I go shopping, I am on the lookout for long pants, jumpers and even jackets! Yesterday I bought a huge wool scarf which already proved itself very useful. I keep telling myself I will survive this, I come from way harsher conditions, after all!

Even the bins are classy.
Even the bins are classy.

Life in South Yarra has settled into its everyday routines, or at least something like that. I have been working in (the kitchen! of) an organic cafe/restaurant, approx. 5-6 days a week. I wake up after 6 and walk my way to work, seeing the dawn light up the sky. After work I have been going to yoga in Richmond if I have the time, and I have truly enjoyed the different classes and teachers on offer at Rise Yoga. 2 weeks unlimited yoga for 25 dollars, not bad! I’ll just go through all different yoga school trial offers, and be all set for a good while.

I am lucky to live with 4 lovely people who are fun to hang around with, and I hope that I will live here for some time and get to know people and places better. Hopefully things in the work-field will work out smooth(ie)ly and I’ll get forward with my master plans. No crazy adventures to tell you about now, I’ve only been keeping busy with coming up with a smoothie and juice menu (try blending 2 espresso shots with banana, almond milk, cashews and dates) and having a Twilight marathon. Cause sometimes life is just about going to work, to the same shops and sitting on the couch playing with your roommate’s Tinder.



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