Stralian, mate!

Before coming to Australia, I thought I understood English; I have been studying the language since pretty much forever, goddammit! The past 2 months have taught me a lot about this beautiful language, however, and I think it is important that I spread what I’ve learned to others, too. Here are some Australianisms that might be more or less useful, or not.

Arvo – Afternoon. (Are you free this arvo to catch up?)
Barbie – The grill. (Chuck some shrimp on the barbie, willya!)
Bathers – Swimsuit.
Bloody oath – Bloody hell.
Bogan – Redneck, someone simple an uneducated individual who enjoys tons of beer and such.
Bush – The outback.
Bushdoof – Party in the outback.
Chook – Chicken. (One chook wrap to go, cheers!)
Cunt – Either a close friend or the opposite. (Hey you cunt, get us a round!)
Docket – bill, receipt.

Dry as a dead dingo’s donger – Dry.
Eskie – cooler for beer and other things important to be kept cold.
Heaps – a lot. (Thanks heaps, mate)
Hey – To ask something. (Hey? “Please repeat”)
Hey – To confirm and emphasize something. (Your mate is such a sheepshagger, hey)
Fair suck on the sav – Disbelief.
Footy – Football. Aussie rules football.
Good onya mate – Good for you, well done.
It’s gone walkabout – It’s lost, can’t be found.

mackas (‘mackers’) – mcDonalds.
mad as a cut snake – Very angry.
mate – anyone from your closest friends to strangers and acquaintances. (Oi mate! Kick the ball!)
No worries – no problem, it’s ok. (Thanks! No worries!)
Reckon – to think (Whadya reckon? I reckon it’s as dry as a nun’s nasty)
Ripper – Great.
Runners – Sneakers.
Shit for brains – not that smart.
Struth (‘str-ewth’) – Expression of surprise.
Sheepshagger – New Zealander.
Whinge – to complain. (Stop whinging you twat)

These and quite a few other expressions and words have bedazzled me, and I a sure I will encounter many more. Perhaps enough to write another post!


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