Homeless in Melbourne

My trip up north was all in all just 3 weeks: in Byron Bay I got some unwanted backpacker feelings, so I decided to return to beloved Melb even though the weather horrified me to the bone – this coming from a girl from Finland, goddamnit! Surely I can handle +12C in June, no biggie! I got my old job back in a blink of an eye, and it feels so good to be working again, its amazing. Since coming back a week ago, I have been trying to figure out where to live, since let’s face it, I’m homeless.


flying home.
Ever since the start of my Aussie experience, I never wanted to consider myself as a backpacker. Maybe because of this I have managed to make friends with some amazing more or less local people who have been friendly enough to offer me a place to stay and listen to my crazy stories. 


me and Robinson enjoying the day off
While trying to figure out where to set my home and belongings, I have had the opportunity to relax, sleep properly and hang out without the hostel environment. I have gone to 6 house inspections in the last few days, and there’s no end in sight. In all the hassle and carrying my bag around town I feel grateful for the things I do have: workplace and people there, friends, my warm winter scarf, sunny days. Everything will fall into place in time, even if it meant I stay in Melbourne for good and leave the rest of Australia as holiday destinations. All has been good, and it will be. There is still so much to do and so much to see. 

That feeling when someone makes you something epic.


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