On running

Friends, I suppose I could tell you stories about my adventures in lovely melbourne, but for some reason a topic popped to my mind that has not been a part of my life for a year (or much ever for that matter), running. I was training for half marathon a bit over a year ago, and the experience taught me a lot. I have not run once after one or two poor attempts in Bali, and I have no intention whatsoever to get on track. However, those more or less miserable (though sometimes far from miserable) times I did run, I now want to go back to.

Strength in group. Adidas Heimo (Adidas Tribe), was the supportive group of people who were all in the shit together – some less than others, having several marathons under their belt already. I must admit, going to group trainings was the reason I kept on pushing myself, the reason why I did not stop and the reason why I wanted to not finish last. I might have been a shit of a runner, but I wanted to feel like I was doing something, and getting better at it, which I was.

Having some fun in our uniforms.
Having some fun in our uniforms.

Getting over yourself. In Finland, the harsh truth is that (from February until April and September onwards) the running conditions are not the best. Still, if you have a goal in mind, you need to have certain steps to achieve that goal. Running in the rain/snow/hail/deep deep darkness isn’t the most ideal way of spending a monday morning/Friday evening, but as soon as you get your feet back indoors, it’s all worth it. Some days, in a deep dark and twisted way, you’ll even notice enjoying it.

Setting goals, and following up. In the past 3 years I have learned about goal setting and their measurability. Unfortunately I confess to being a rather vague person, more likely to go with the gut rather than setting important milestones. In running to a certain achievement, you must have a certain plan to achieve what you aim to reach for. Even if you fail, it is important to know that you had a path to guide you. So yes, spiderman stretches, I get your point.

Running in a sponsored group allows one to have a professional photographer. Thanks Pasi Salminen.
Running in a sponsored group allows one to have a professional photographer. Thanks Pasi Salminen.

Know when enough is enough. Why have I not run after last summer? Well, during the training months I kept on having different injuries in both of my legs. Having had troubles with my feet growing up, I still tried to push myself and not admit that maybe I hate (yes, I could say I hate) running for a reason, and am just not cut out for it. In the end, I was not able to attend Helsinki Half marathon, nor the other shorter race the team did, but I eventually ran 10k midnight Run, which I highly enjoyed. Now I enjoy other sports that make me push my limits, reach higher and feel like I’m accomplishing something. Win!

Hill running drills. Ah how I miss those wobbly feet afterwards.
Hill running interval drills. Ah how I miss those wobbly feet afterwards.

me and a friend decided to write something every day from now on until further notice, so hopefully I’ll be venting myself here more often. Too bad my computer is so utterly shit (sorry, but Apple is not nearly eternal) that it definitely doesn’t make posting easy.

2 thoughts on “On running

    1. I know! And in this writing pact we made, the rule is to write something positive and what I am grateful for. I think it makes it even better!


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