What does one do in the sticks, when the temperature is soaring 30+ degrees? I am not in charge of gardening, and there is no one to cook for (after making a banana blueberry bred and eating it pretty much alone I decided to stay away from baking). Every single morning of this past week I have slept in, and by that I mean indulged in more bed time that I could have imagined possible – I can’t remember the last time I could have slept until 9am, let alone 10.30 or 11!

The friendliest dude
The friendliest dude

Here I have granted myself the permission to sleep as late as I desire, and as it has become my afternoon routine to grab my Kindle and read Michael Pollan on the patio, I have dozed off until the sun starts to set, the weather cools down and I get a tad chilly. To those interested in food, sociology and cooking, I can highly recommend Michael Pollan’s Cooked. The Netflix documentary of Cooked, albeit stylish like Chef’s Table, has nothing compared to this work of wisdom. I am glad I have finally started to take advantage of this little machine I bought waaaaay back in Hong Kong, and haven’t really used since. After this book I need to come up with something else to read! In a weird way, reading something informative as opposed to Fifty Shades Of Grey makes me feel like I am doing something constructive with my time.

The bread that somehow lasted 2 whole days
The bread that somehow lasted 2 whole days

Besides Cooked and cooking (I also made a frittata, and today kale pesto, but that’s about it), I have immersed myself with studying online and wrecking my brain with design and ideas almost good enough to be gone through. Maybe soon I will actually grasp something, instead of thinking.

All this passiveness in addition to few sneaky episodes of The Vikings would have driven me completely nuts, had I not had the help of Fitnessblender Youtube account to help me move like I mean it. The first Tabata session of the week resulted in horrible pain in my calves that just won’t disappear, so the rest of the week has been a bit more moderate. Who needs pilates studios, when you can do it at home (on a towel if you happened to leave your yoga mat in the last place you lived)?

Pretty flowers on the patio
Pretty flowers on the patio

Funny thing I have experienced for the first time ever this week: the housewife-feeling of waiting the hubby to return home from work. I do things every day that I feel like doing, and time goes by quite pleasantly (did I mention I sleep in and sometimes take a nap too?), but as the hours tick by, I look at the clock more often in anticipation of the human contact that will come as the sun has set and the work for the day has finished.

If I had mouths to feed I reckon I’d do this housewife thing pretty well.


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