Feeling home where ever, everywhere or nowhere? Thoughts, hopes, fears and dreams as well as everything in between. Twenty-something girl looking for herself and everything around her in various places: from Finland to various adventures, previously New York, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and who knows where else. Small bits and pieces about everyday life, (mostly) food, and whatever floats my boat. Hopefully some insight and inspiration for those with wanderlust.

Looking flashy at Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Kiitos for following Collateral Lettuce, and for liking my BuildingMyBento posts about ads and food!

    Ah, so blood sausage has a home in Suomi too? What are some other Finnish treats that you think aren’t too well-known outside of Finland/Scandinavia?

    Can’t say I’m too familiar with Finland, but I do I know Finnair flies to a number of places in my usual region, East Asia. Are you from Helsinki?

    1. Thank you for having such enjoyable blogs! It is always a pleasure to read about funny things I have encountered myself while in Asia, as well as to see and find out about new peculiarities!

      I would say that other most traditional Finnish foods would be karjalanpiirakka (Karelian pasty, speciality of Karelia region), mämmi (no English equivalence, Easter food made from malt that looks like black poop), vispipuuro (lingonberry porridge), kalakukko (fish purse, speciality of Savo I have blogged about), lihapiirakka, vety, atomi (meat pies with different fillings, sold mainly in markets and gas stations)…
      Traditionally Finnish food always includes potatoes (nowadays also french fries, previously just boiled, mashed or bakes) as well as (rye) bread. It’s sad to me that pretty much the only way we enjoy our mushrooms is with butter and cream, since I’d prefer something more light and fresh, like in Asian cuisine.

      In Asia I really missed our bread: the 100% no yeast rye bread as well as the crisp bread näkkileipä, elsewhere known as Finn Crisp or Wasa bread. Other than big oatmeal fans, we eat porridge made from other grains (rye, barley, wheat, rice and a mixture of these). And Finns are one of the biggest milk consuming nations in the world. And leaders in lactose-intolerance statistics and osteoporosis as well. Wonder why…

    1. Hello! I hope your time in Beppu will be awesome, and I am glad my writings have been helpful to you. Don’t be scared! Go to YouMe town to the 100yen sushi. There’s actually quite a few good conveyor belt sushi’s in Beppu. And since it’s a small town, the food is cheaper than in Tokyo.

      If you get a chance, visit Hiroshima! I did not do that, so I still have something to look forward to. 🙂

  2. thank you for your blog. it inspired me to start my own blog in Japanese. I have applied to APU and through your blog I have a feel on how it is like over there. keep up!


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