Good Life

Once again, long(ish) time, no post – sorry about that. After the Chinese New Year (which kept the banks and such closed up until Valentine’s Day!) I have been as busy as always with work and wandering around. This week I had divine home-made raw chocolate at the office, strong happy hour margaritas in our neighborhood, and Chinese style “laskiaispulla” (shrove bun).

Another day at the office
Valentine’s day (and chocolate week) at the office

I visited Andy Warhol exhibition in the Museum of Art. Ridiculously cheap (less than 2€!), and 2 hour tour. What I learned: Warhol had 25 cats, all of them named Sam. Talk about equality!

When taken out of it's context, anything can be art
When taken out of it’s context, anything can be art

Today I got a flashback of the New York atmosphere I have been missing: East Island Market.

(Pretty much) everything hand-made, organic and more or less fresh!
(Pretty much) everything hand-made, organic and more or less fresh!

Nice, quiet area with live music, young entrepreneurs and happy people, what a better way to spend a Sunday morning.

Something natural in the concrete jungle
Something natural in the concrete jungle

I know what I will do on lazy Sundays after this. The good thing is, that I can walk home via a mountain road. A bit of exercise to balance out the treats!

Made to order, fresh and familiar. No chopsticks needed!
Made to order, fresh and familiar. No chopsticks needed!

New York, New York

I am home, again. By home, I mean Finland. It feels weird, and I think my dog has either forgotten me or then she’s hurt that I left her for so long.

New York will be hard to forget. And by forget, I mean get used to the fact that you have to come up with activities all by yourself, since there is not much to choose from. And now I will have to make my own food – I haven’t even touched a pan in 2 months. Soon it will be sushi time, but before that there are still many New York stories I haven’t told, and roughly about 957 pictures that I could show.


The love for New York can be expressed in many ways

Possibilities to do whatever you want, at any time.

Eating pancakes at 12 am, no big deal. And you can order another side of butter, even though there is butter in the table already

You never know what’s around the corner.

Art takes new forms


When in Rome…blend cultures!


Something for every style


If there’s a garden, even better. Or a club.


It is not hard to find beautiful buildings or other sights for the sore eye


Graphic design museum in Governor’s Island, 5 min. ferry ride away from the city. Highly recommended!


Crispy rice roll at Momoya Sushi. Yum.

Open mind.

So gay so what?

All of the above and above all, I will miss the people I met in the Big Apple.


PS one not meaning Playstation.

Spin-off of the Museum of Modern Art

Moma ps1 is located in Long Island city (not IN Long Island, though). This summer, every Saturday they have Moma Ps1 warmup events with dj’s, beer tents and partying. So, for the price of the admission (15$) you get to see the modern art exhibition, and chill, dance, eat and drink (for extra price) in a cool, artsy environment.

This is art.

No pictures allowed, of course I took some. It’s a habit!

More art.

The building is apparently and old school. To me, it looked more like a mental institution.

This is not art, really.

The party was not wild at 3 pm, but I heard that around 8 the dance floor was packed.

Dance dance revolution.

Mad about MAD

The Museum of Arts and Design, located in Columbus Circle, is definitely worth a visit.

Mural made of dust and dirt

My favorite of the current exhibitions was “Swept Away”, which included different artworks made with dust, dirt, soil etc.

Spirit of the bottle, smoke art on the inside
More smoke art

I participated in a guided tour, which went through all the different floors and exhibitions. In addition to the dirt, two floors were dedicated to the art of Native Americans. One floor featured different kinds of jewelry.

Mohawks helped building the most famous buildings in New York

The admission to MAD is 12 dollars for a student. For that price you get a guided tour, and access to 5 floors of, well, art and design.