More things I love about Melbourne

Previously I summed up my top 3. things about Melbourne, but the list gets longer and longer. Bare with me, folks. 

1. The ‘winter’. Sure, June and July are the coldest months of the year, instagram is full of cozy “baby it’s cold outside” posts and Urban List lists bars with a fireplace. Sure, its not t-shirt weather (all the time and every day), but baby this is not cold. Just put a jumper on and buy a proper jacket, man. I haven’t even used my beanie since May, and even then it was mostly indoors (because some houses are freezers). 

Wintery morning walk to work.

2. New things. For now it is the new job that keeps me occupied 60hrs a week, but also the new stuff that’s everywhere to be found, if you just keep walking.

The National Gallery, right next door. Wall of flowing water, cool eh?

3. Aussie ways. They have different sizes for clothes, so when H&M gets mislabeled underwear (EU size aka something I understand), they are sold for 3 dollars. Score! Winter night market in July, selling hot mulled wine. Aussie language. Random discussions with random people in random places. Random stuff in general.


Every day learn something new!
4. Yoga (trials). I wonder how long I can practice yoga without committing to a studio: most places offer two week intros for a reasonable price. I want to be sure to choose the best one, so for now I am yogashopping. And to be honest I think Pilates is a better workout anyway, though practicing forearm stands is pretty intense. Anyway, doing yoga is sweet as.


Move yoga in the CBD, interesting variety of classes.

  5. Smashed avo and poached eggs.

Every single self respecting breakfast offering establishment has smashed avo and poached eggs on their menu. Period.

Stralian, mate!

Before coming to Australia, I thought I understood English; I have been studying the language since pretty much forever, goddammit! The past 2 months have taught me a lot about this beautiful language, however, and I think it is important that I spread what I’ve learned to others, too. Here are some Australianisms that might be more or less useful, or not.

Arvo – Afternoon. (Are you free this arvo to catch up?)
Barbie – The grill. (Chuck some shrimp on the barbie, willya!)
Bathers – Swimsuit.
Bloody oath – Bloody hell.
Bogan – Redneck, someone simple an uneducated individual who enjoys tons of beer and such.
Bush – The outback.
Bushdoof – Party in the outback.
Chook – Chicken. (One chook wrap to go, cheers!)
Cunt – Either a close friend or the opposite. (Hey you cunt, get us a round!)
Docket – bill, receipt.

Dry as a dead dingo’s donger – Dry.
Eskie – cooler for beer and other things important to be kept cold.
Heaps – a lot. (Thanks heaps, mate)
Hey – To ask something. (Hey? “Please repeat”)
Hey – To confirm and emphasize something. (Your mate is such a sheepshagger, hey)
Fair suck on the sav – Disbelief.
Footy – Football. Aussie rules football.
Good onya mate – Good for you, well done.
It’s gone walkabout – It’s lost, can’t be found.

mackas (‘mackers’) – mcDonalds.
mad as a cut snake – Very angry.
mate – anyone from your closest friends to strangers and acquaintances. (Oi mate! Kick the ball!)
No worries – no problem, it’s ok. (Thanks! No worries!)
Reckon – to think (Whadya reckon? I reckon it’s as dry as a nun’s nasty)
Ripper – Great.
Runners – Sneakers.
Shit for brains – not that smart.
Struth (‘str-ewth’) – Expression of surprise.
Sheepshagger – New Zealander.
Whinge – to complain. (Stop whinging you twat)

These and quite a few other expressions and words have bedazzled me, and I a sure I will encounter many more. Perhaps enough to write another post!