A bit of Home

Some people feel more or less homesick when abroad, I only mostly miss my family and friends and Vitamix. Okay, forest berries too and way more affordable fish than here, but I’ll survive without. When I left Finland, my intention was to stay away from Finnish people (besides the friends who I met in Bali), and hang out with local and/or international people as much as possible. I don’t really understand going to the other side of the word to only speak your own language, like so many backpackers do. Until now I had only spoken Finnish to my cousin in May, and a few awkward words in a coffee event here in Melbourne where Finnish coffee and pastries were sold. But social media brought me and Anna together.



Anna found me on Instagram, sent me a message and we hang out a good while yesterday: long enough to walk from the city to Prahran and back to have tea. After first awkward Finnish words I found out we have a lot in common: more than with anyone I think. This is a good thing, and very refreshing, to have someone who understandands exactly what you’re going through and how you feel. Anna was brave enough to do her farm work like a good girl, so she can stay for another year whereas I am still trying to get my shit together and avoid the 3 months in the bush. Plans B, C and D are brewing, we’ll see what happens. In the meanwhile…


Ridin' the waves.
Ridin’ the waves.


Comeback of summer

Another post about local food – this time something that I thought I would completely miss out on this year!

Yrjölä berry farm in Mahnala, Hämeenkyrö

My summer isn’t complete without (Finnish) strawberries. Usually I’ve gone to a farm to pick strawberries, which is like the perfect buffet – you get to eat as much as your stomach can bear, for free! This year I thought I’d miss the berry picking season, but ha! on Sunday, September 9th, 2012, there still was some perfectly delicious and flavor-bursting strawberries, just hanging in there and waiting for me.

Strawberries in September – my dream come true!

We got one box of strawberries, then moved on to the raspberries, which were aplenty. The weather was summery, although the temperature was breezy +10 C. Good thing I was wearing few layers of clothes!
We skipped the garden blueberries, since the forest ones are tastier, cheaper and healthier, too. The Yrjölä farm also offers different currants and peas for self-picking and to buy, but their season is already over for this year.

Farm fresh produce – we bought quite a bunch of different veggies

Maybe next summer I will be picking more berries – who knows?

The road goes on

Dog days

Now in Tampere, my pretty much only daily task is walking the dog. Easier said than done!

About to go for a walk

The dog is incredibly lazy – after hours of lying on the bed, or on a chair in the balcony, I’ll have to persuade her to go out.

Pit stop on the driveway

Yes, people do find it funny that the dog will go lie down and refuse to move.

Pause to watch the scenery

Although I am a woman of action and a rather brisk walker, I and Sophie share one interest: berries. So, I take a “beard gaffer” (Greek yogurt) container with me when we go out, and then we are in harmony – she eats as I pick, mostly blueberries but also raspberries.

Maybe this years’ last raspberries, self-picked from Pyynikki

Life is all about compromises.
Ps. a small box of blueberries costs probably around 5€. Win-win!