Spending time

I have now successfully spent a month(!) in Queensland, doing things that are mostly just-for-fun productive. My biggest accomplishments have been making pulla and pulla 2.0 (with macadamia and chocolate spread, also with raspberry jam), and also baking gingerbread cookies aka Ultimate Christmas Food. I have felt relaxed and happy to just unwind, but also occasionally stressed and pressed about the things that I should be doing and how to move and do and create and develop and earn money and and and…but this is all good. I am here, playing with the dogs (first wrote gods, oops), going to the weekend markets, eating vegetarian sausage rolls, reading and breathing and learning about all of that. So much learning sometimes my brain starts buzzing!

Some days you feel like  wreck on land - but then comes high tide and it's all good
Some days you feel like wreck on land – but then comes high tide and it’s all good.

I am re-creating my website, and thinking about life from now. I have studied a lot about professional this and that and how to make 5-number salary online. While this kind of information can be inspiring to one that has no profession and a severe case of wanderlust, I realised that the more I read about creating revenue and email lists and online courses and how anyone can do it and it takes only a bit of dedication and just only these programs to do, I got very anxious and it has pulled me away from the joy of writing, of creating and sharing. We went to Fraser Island the other week, and I wanted to write about that but it never somehow happened. My writing has never been aimed to create revenue or to get as many people to read my posts; I have been writing for myself or like I would write to a friend who lives halfway across the world, not having to give a rats ass about making the post SEO friendly and having 5 sentence paragraphs and bullet lists and all the other things that make blogs read-worthy.

Lady on le beach
Lady on le beach.

Anyhow, in the near future this blog will probably move to the new site, and I will continue writing as I feel like, not abiding to the rules of all the people who want as much dough as possible.

Things I enjoy learning right now: Patience. Things will come in their right time. This life is precious, and everything is more than alright. I have the chance to just be and enjoy being, I’d be crazy to not make the most of it when I can. Who knows where I’ll be in 6 months, how hectic life will be. Now that everything is good and I can just pick a pair of boxers and ski around wearing them all day, why not enjoy that to the fullest. I’ll have time to work and run around like a maniac later. Until then… smoothie bowls and hugs and kisses for days.

Someone climbed to a fire tower for pictures. Someone else has no spiderman skills
Someone climbed to a fire tower for pictures. Someone else has no faith in their spiderman skills.

Finland – The Hot Spot of Superfoods

This is what I do at work; interview professionals about interesting things, such as superfoods! (I wish work was all as glamorous as that sentence sounds, hehe.)

This particular FSF blog post was really nice to make, since I got to tap into phenomenon that I find really interesting. I hope people both in Finland as well as abroad will get something new out of it! In the beginning of the project in last December (!), the project felt quite big, and I am very happy to have it finally out and published. Trust me, the schedule was not delayed because of me. Better late than never, though!

How are things with superfoods in your country? In my travels, I always look for the “superfood” section in the stores, and try to find health stores as well as organic and exotic products. Here in Hong Kong, we have oats from Finland!
Let me know what you think about the post, about superfoods and the whole phenomenon. Goji berries sure are cool, but is it only because of the hype? And how about the price – do you think it is worth it?

Some of the selection in Smoothie Studio, Tampere
Some of the selection in Smoothie Studio, Tampere

Blogiquette: Etiquette Guidelines for Bloggers

It is always a pleasure to find some good reads from new blogs. I found Blogiquette: Etiquette Guidelines for Bloggers today, and thought it was useful.

Journalism used to be for professionals, nowadays anyone with an internet connection (or a library card) can be a journalist. Unfortunately, being able to write does not always mean good quality. The more blogs I stumble upon, the more aware of quality I become.

Long live freedom of speech!