The future is near

My time in APU is getting close to its’ end. Today was the final report submission deadline (no more school for my bachelor’s degree!), and my check-out is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. After cleaning my room, I will be spending the night on a ferry to Osaka, and from there I will hopefully find my way to Kyoto. This short trip of mine will end on Monday night, when I finally move on to my next destination, Hong Kong.

Small version of my next home
Small version of my next home

I have been waiting to go to Hong Kong since coming back from Tokyo – I have had quite enough with this Beppu experience already. The mountain doesn’t quite suit me the way a city does (evidence of this: each time I go downtown, I come back with enormous headache that ruins the rest of the day).

Bye bye campus
Bye bye campus

For the next 5 months, I will continue what I already started here: my practical training in Four Sigma Foods . Not bad at all! I highly recommend to check out their video about Hong Kong and other locations; they’re rather inspiring, to say the least. So, I will continue this blog with topics probably more related to health and overall well-being, since I believe I will be getting into more holistic and healthy environment than here. I believe my time in Hong Kong will be at least as unforgettable as my time here in APU – at least it will be completely different. I can’t wait! But before leaving, it’s time to go to izakaya and karaoke one last time, and see the ancient capital of Nippon. But Hong Kong, here I come!

Bye bye AP house
Bye bye AP house


Happy students and visitors on campus

This weekend APU hosted its’ 10th annual Tenku festival. For two days, the school campus was filled with the extra curricular activities circles’ food stalls, performances in various fields, exhibitions and activities. Open campus brought many visitors from Beppu and maybe other cities to see, what else than studying this mountain beholds.

Traditional Japanese dance


There were many activities, such as chemistry lab for kids, movie screenings, calligraphy exhibition and a lot more. Besides the interesting and talented performances, to most people Tenku was all about the food. There was a lot of different kinds of treats, and the students were really persistent on their selling.

Kawaii price tags were usually not in English. All the food was fairly cheap!

Since the prices were from 100 yen to no more than 400 or 500yen per portion, people could afford to go from stall to another to taste different foods from around the world.

My personal favorite: hotate clam, sold out on both days
Chinese tea eggs, way tastier than what they look!

Even though it rained on Saturday, I think everyone enjoyed the festival and thought it was a success. On Sunday, the outdoor stage was popular and had performances one after another.


Visiting high school students dancing to one of the performing bands’ music

Tenku festival was probably something the circles have been waiting for a long time, I can imagine the countless hours of practicing, planning and organizing the selling. I bet most of the people involved are happy that the festival is over – I wish we could have something similar more often! There was so many things I didn’t get to try yet, and so many great things I probably missed. Several people wanted to have pictures with me, it doesn’t stop surprising and amusing me! I wonder, if all the festivals in Japan are similar to ours.

School, finally

The first school week is almost over and I am overwhelmed, to say the least. After the first Japanese lecture on Monday morning, I was shocked of the amount of small Asian people all around me, even though I though I had some concept on the population here.

Campus getting busier, summer weather still going on

A good student as I am, I took too many courses. Therefore I am now in the happy situation of having to drop my least favorite ones, and hoping that my university will accept my learning agreement (as if they had a choice). So far, I am considering dropping Introduction to management (Chinese teacher with really poor English), and the rest remains a mystery. Maybe I will just do one extra course for fun. I can hardly call Japanese traditional arts (which means tea ceremony) studying hard, can I?

My schedule every week is first 95 minutes of Japanese, which will probably take the most effort. Then I either have a nice almost 2 hour break, or a lecture on Principles of marketing. After that follows Human Ecology or Social Theory, followed by Business Ethics on Mondays. On the other quarter my Tuesday afternoons will be International Marketing and aforementioned Japanese Traditional Arts.

Study environment

In APU, Wednesdays are a day off for most people – I happen to have Consumer Behavior lecture in the morning. No parties or trips on Tuesdays, then, since the lecturer is pretty strict and the course demands a lot of effort. On Wednesdays there are many clubs, or circles as they are called here, and I will probably post later about them when I find out which I will join.
I am not planning on buying expensive books for just a few weeks use, so it will be interesting to see how I will manage to pass the courses that require books.

I am rather happy with my course selection, although I had few courses in mind that I couldn’t get (like International Management, Media and Pop Culture and Japanese Culture and Society). On the other hand, this amount of courses seems to be more than the average, so maybe it will be ok – at least I’ll have time to put effort on learning Japanese!


Where Am I?

The main entrance to APU

APU Campus is located in the mountains, approx. 12 km from the Beppu city. The surroundings of the campus are hilly and there’s a highway gas station with a cafe and a restaurant nearby.

View of APU campus

There is not really any possibilities for walking, besides by the highway. Because of the serpentine roads and altitude changes, smaller distances seem quite long.

View to Beppu Bay

The bus from APU to Beppu city is approx. 330y one way, and the ride takes around 30 minutes.

More pictures coming up when I have better quality ones!