Resistance, training

I thought I was yoga and pilates girl through and through, until I found high intensity interval training and F45, that is. For the past month I have vented my frustrations and sweated it all out at Australia’s new It-thing, intensive training using bodyweight and weights (and dreadful ropes and chin up bars), alternating exercise sessions of cardio and resistance. I have truly enjoyed the team sparring mentality and post workout high fives, and the exhaustion too.

After the first week of feeling sore and wobbly, I got used to sore muscles, and not going to train just because I’m tired feels way worse than pushing myself through it. Group training comes with a price tree times higher than going to the gym on your own, though. One can either consider it as being an overpriced fad alike to crossfit, or then as an investment to one’s health. I am contemplating if I can afford it or not, though their 9 week challenge commencing next week would give me that extra little push to join. I haven’t noticed any changes in the past month (besides having trouble lifting heavy things the day after), but apparently there is something happening, as my co-worker who I hadn’t seen in a while asked me if I’d been going to crossfit because of “my guns” (her words, not mine). With this amount of push-ups, walking to the gym and shoveling food down my throat, I’d hope to see some results. Oh, and I stopped drinking too. Sorry Tinder, but there are other options than drinks for dates. At least if you meet the right people.

Apparently F45 costs as much as Ashtanga yoga, so I think I’ll skip the sun salutations and opt for solid 45 minutes of sweat and breathlessness. I would definitely be curious to see how long I can do this for, how many Saturday mornings I’d wake up after 6am to have a solid circuit session with a live dj before work. You either dance the night away on Friday at the club, or….