TGI It’s Friday Night

The gloomy, rainy day off work Friday turned to a night full of new experiences.
New York is currently having its’ annual Restaurant Week(s), with a myriad of participating upscale restaurant offering various cuisines for fixed price (lunch 24.07$, dinner 35.00$).
After doing few hours of research (browsing the menus, drooling) I made my pick for a friday night date based on three key factors: location, name and above all, menu. Kellari Taverna was not a disappointment – a Greek restaurant with (almost) no feta on the menu, and just one meaty entree, what could be better? My other options (and possibly, hopefully future restaurant experiences) were Asian: Haru, Tao, Nobu and SambaSushi (yes, the one from Sex and the City).

No pictures of the restaurant (whose name in Finnish means cellar or basement), nor the food. Both of them were good, and my date wasn’t bad, either. This was a suit up-date, including a bottle of delicious rosèe, and three over-sweet desserts. Three, because they had run out of the first and second option my date selected, but latere discovered that they did have the second one after all.

After dinner, we walked to Gansevoort Park hotel which already had an impressive line to the elevators. We got right up, to a party in 2 floors, outside pool area and few different rooms (all of which played the same music, though – the same music that we listen to in Finland). In this culture, it is beneficial to be a female, even if it means that heels are mandatory. Apparently clubs want more girls than guys in, and the latter pay the bill. In Finland it would be called discrimination.

Walking back home, we encountered a line of people sitting in fold-out chairs. They were clearly not waiting to get in a bar. I have seen lines in here before (20 people waiting to go to an interview in American Apparel, 50 people waiting to get tickets/seats to a Batman screening in 5 hours), but not at 2 am. Since this culture appreciates social confrontations and I was curious, my date asked what the people were waiting for. Answer: Michael Jordan. Enough said.

Long story, short finish – I got back home, the doorman got grumpy because my date walked me in. I fell asleep almost immediately, for the first time since coming here, and woke up at 8 sharp. After breaking The Laws of the Webster, I went to get coffee, toast and peanut butter (“behind the counter”, for some reason they hide it and don’t tell anyone it is an option) to my room before breakfast time ends (luxuriously at 9.00 on Saturdays). That’s it for sleeping.

Dinner in the Webster yesterday: Turkey burgers, pasta and breaded broccoli, also some green goo that was called “Korean”, the usual brownie or a cannoli (or the luxurious fruit) for dessert. Oh man, how do I not regret going out yesterday!