Happy students and visitors on campus

This weekend APU hosted its’ 10th annual Tenku festival. For two days, the school campus was filled with the extra curricular activities circles’ food stalls, performances in various fields, exhibitions and activities. Open campus brought many visitors from Beppu and maybe other cities to see, what else than studying this mountain beholds.

Traditional Japanese dance


There were many activities, such as chemistry lab for kids, movie screenings, calligraphy exhibition and a lot more. Besides the interesting and talented performances, to most people Tenku was all about the food. There was a lot of different kinds of treats, and the students were really persistent on their selling.

Kawaii price tags were usually not in English. All the food was fairly cheap!

Since the prices were from 100 yen to no more than 400 or 500yen per portion, people could afford to go from stall to another to taste different foods from around the world.

My personal favorite: hotate clam, sold out on both days
Chinese tea eggs, way tastier than what they look!

Even though it rained on Saturday, I think everyone enjoyed the festival and thought it was a success. On Sunday, the outdoor stage was popular and had performances one after another.


Visiting high school students dancing to one of the performing bands’ music

Tenku festival was probably something the circles have been waiting for a long time, I can imagine the countless hours of practicing, planning and organizing the selling. I bet most of the people involved are happy that the festival is over – I wish we could have something similar more often! There was so many things I didn’t get to try yet, and so many great things I probably missed. Several people wanted to have pictures with me, it doesn’t stop surprising and amusing me! I wonder, if all the festivals in Japan are similar to ours.

Opening Ceremonies

My first day in APU was full of information, papers to fill and sign, brainwork in the form of Japanese test (I passed the hiragana test, but after the grammar test everyone was put to level I) and of course, many many new faces! I met more exchange students whose name I can remember, and even got to go to Beppu city in the evening. More about the town later, this post is dedicated to today morning’s Opening Ceremony.

In the Opening Ceremony, many important people gave speeches (including the mayor of Beppu!), and there was more bowing that I even imagined. After the speeches the festival really started.

Apparently Gangam Style cannot be escaped anywhere

In addition to the APU version of the Gagnam Style (if you don’t know it, be glad and do not Youtube it), there was an Asian version of Gossip Girl and Twilight (interesting, to say the least), as well as introductions to some of the schools’ circles (activity clubs). We got to enjoy performances of Korean drum club, fast-paced Indonesian traditional dance and singing, Japanese dance Yossha-koi, Chinese performance, and a Japanese drum club. I may have found my future activity in here! More about that later, too. I did take pictures, but they are really poor quality.

Good luck

In The City, there is always something going on. When many things are happening simultaneously, sometimes the hardest thing is picking the fruit from the punch, so to speak. Even if you didn’t mark events to your calendar, or aren’t aware of certain happenings, you might get lucky just by being in the right place in the right time.

Opening of Ted Baker’s 5th avenue, British tea time delicacies and instagram photobooth (#ted5thave)

Timing is essential – this morning I did not get a free bike rental in Park Avenue, since I was too late.

Man run from Times Square with a machete, the police shot him. 7th avenue was closed, and people were shocked

I was also too late to miss the action near Times Square today. Lucky me! Seeing the police cars and isolation tapes reminded me that anything can happen anytime.

Food is Art

Lots of happening in Tampere!

The Food is Art ticket (cost 10€) had a map of Kauppahalli market hall, including the participating restaurants with 6 interesting dishes

Food is Art offered delicious sample menu in Kauppahalli on last Friday and Saturday. (Un)fortunately this event was just for two days – I am sure there will be other similar treats in the future as well!

False morel pie with spruce foam, accompanied by bolete jelly. Restaurant Hella & Huone

The Food is Art society consists of nine high quality restaurants in Tampere. The aim is to promote restaurant culture and encourage people to enjoy the service, high quality ingredients and atmosphere of the restaurants.

Lamb sausage in a dough, parsnip-mustard creme (the taster’s favorite dish)

This event has been organized once before. This time there was no dessert, which was a bit of a disappointment. The menu was too constricted for vegetarians, since only two of the dishes were vegetarian, and one dish included salmon.

58 C eggs, peas and shredded pork
Eggs, peas and pork

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, even though the food might leave you hungry for more.

Vegfest 2012: Omnoms with a good conscience

This weekend was the climax for over half year’s work. Since last autumn, I have been responsible for the publicity and marketing of Vegfest, Finland’s biggest vegetarian festival. The weekend was a blast, even though weather-wise Friday was pretty much as bad as one can imagine. On Saturday the sun shined, we had lots of visitors and the atmosphere was terrific!

The greenery area included plants that were treats for the eye as well as the stomach

The programme included speeches, workshops, food tastings and lots more!

Vegan version of the traditional Tampere food – blood sausage
Sweet and savory treats were offered to passers-by – the feedback was very positive
Crowd in the restaurant area

Even though I spent almost whole three days in the festival area in Keskustori, I think I did not really work hard. It was fun to hang around, meet new people, have interesting conversations and, well, eat lots and lots of delicious vegan food! Working in an event that was completely run by volunteers was inspiring – everyone was in a good mood, working full-heartedly for the benefit of all, not for personal gain or financial benefit.

Some of the animal art potrayed in the cafe

I wish I could do something similar in the future as well! Next time Vegfest will be held in 2014, it will be interesting to see if I can participate or visit the event!

Happy pig and happy human

For more Vegfest mood, check out the Vegfest Youtube channel!