Tokyo by numbers

Here are some interesting numerals about Nippon’s capital, where I am currently definitely not checking out if they are true or not!

Tokyo by numbers

Tokyo Subway map

13 Subway lines
503 Train stations
3750 000 People in the Shinjuku train station every day, which keeps all the
300 exits busy
35 676 000 Citizens in the greater metropole area
21 People inside a Mini Cooper

I’d rather take one of the 13 subways

21,000 Ramen restaurants
257 bars in Golden Gai, Shinjuku
400 000 vending machines

No need to be hungry or thirsty, let the lights guide you!

300$ for a cantaloupe in Takashimaya department store
5500 000 000$ Annual sales in Tsukiji fish market
35 000 000yen for Kobe beef meal in the world’s most expensive restaurant, Aragawa

It’d better not be rotten inside!

Sources for these interesting facts were Lonely Planet and Time Out Tokyo. Pictures from: here, here and here