Work or Play?

Time in Hong Kong, well, despite being a huge clichè, it flies. My weekdays I spend happy in our Happy Valley office, doing various tasks for Four Sigma Foods. My title is marketing assistant, which suits me pretty well.

Guess how many sachets it took for the perfect shot...
Guess how many sachets it took for the perfect shot…

From pretending to do sports to behind the camera.

My great moment as a photographer
My great moment as a photographer

The photo shoot last week was for our upcoming product catalogue, which my actual task was to write the texts for.
Besides gulping down the Instant drinks and writing to FSF blog about interesting people and herbs, I have been able to try different working methods, and most of all, learn something new every day. We’ve had workshops about self-leadership and self-development, and there’s more to come! Unless my brain explodes from all the new things and good stuff around me, I bet this trainee time will be something quite spectacular.

Life is pretty sweet over here in Hong Kong, and the weather forecast for today is mild 27C! Oh Finland, I miss your snow not.

Banana, coconut cream and sunflower seeds spiked with some brain powder
Banana, coconut cream and sunflower seeds spiked with some brain powder

The recipe for the divine Instant fruit dessert/snack is so ridiculously easy and modifiable that I don’t know if it can even be called a recipe. Aaaanyways, here goes:

Mix coconut cream with your favorite fruits, such as banana, mango, apples or pear. If you want to take the treat up a notch, add some nuts, seeds, toasted coconut flakes, cocoa nibs or whatever you fancy. Finish it all off with basically any of the Instants, I used Lion’s Mane (previously known as Brainpower) which is specially good for your cognition and concentration. Mmmm.

New adventures, new destination

Today I received an advertisement in snail mail, that said “Tia, the world awaits you”. Surprising, since 1) I never get mail and 2) It is so true!

I was not sure how or when to post about this, but I guess now is as good time as any – I am already on the Four Sigma Foods website, so I guess I can say that it is official and will happen – after Japan, hello Hong Kong!

Four Sigma Foods Instant products, Green Honey+ and one bulk item

I got an internship at the best possible company I could have ever hoped for – Luonto Life, or Four Sigma Foods is an ethical company, that does something good they really believe in. This is not an advertisement post (who knows, maybe I’ll make one later), so in case you’re interested in wellbeing, health, nutrition and nutrition-rich ingredients, Chinese medicine, alternative solutions to contemporary medicine, or just good blog posts, check out the Four Sigma Foods website, and read the blog!

In the future, I will surely write about Four Sigma Foods, and I will have to add a Hong Kong category, too!