Campers’ paradise

Last Sunday I got to visit the kids’ camp that starts on Thursday. I found out that when I get on the train and to work, they get to hop on a mini bus that takes them to maybe the most idealistic place to spend the summer! Pictures say more than a thousand words, but I will say that the thousand kids who go to that camp will have more fun than any picture can tell!

Coleman Country Day Camp is perfect for kids as well as parents

The kids go to Coleman every weekday before 9, and they come home after 4. There are special events throughout the summer, and various activities are organized daily. Ice cream is offered daily, and the kids get to eat pizza every week!

During my brief visit I saw canoes, horse stables, different kinds of sports fields etc. In addition to the piggie, there was goats as well as other animals.

Of course this kind of luxury is not free. The summer at Colemans costs over 5,000 dollars per kiddie. The youngest campers are under 3 years old. Of course, every camper must weak camp clothes, which could be purchased on the premises. For the hard-working parents this kind of camps are a good way of making sure their offspring stays out of trouble, gets to socialize, learns new things, gets some fresh air and stays off the computer. Win-win to all.

Nuff said.

I wish I worked here!