Before and after Christmas

Bad internet connection equals no computer time, which is mostly a good thing on paradise island. Little recap on the past few weeks:

I stayed in Canggu for a bit over a month in total, only to find myself in the middle of nowhere (aka Negara, west Bali) one night, looking to the blue sea. No wifi, no book, no nothing. For one night, that was enough. But boy was I glad to get 2 more great surf sessions in Canggu after that, before heading off to new adventures.

This view is not from a brochure or image bank.
This view is not from a brochure or image bank.

We had a nice villa for a weekend in Legian, which was great! The villa had a kitchen, so after a scooter ride to Carrefour in a thunderstorm we were pretty much all set for the weekend in our patio, just eating and enjoying each others’ company. We got two huge blocks of coconut sugar from a local farmer, so we whipped up an upgraded version of toffee caramel – I was supposed to post that for Christmas, but I got occupied and no internet. Maybe in time for New Year’s?

Insert a picture of paradise and munchies here, but this connection would take 30 extra mins to upload it.

After Legian, there was 6 warm days in the infamous party island of Gili Trawangan. I was wondering what the fuss was about, until I realized that I am probably missing on all the crazy action by going to bed at 10pm every night. I had my reasons for not partying hard: I decided to overcome yet another fear of mine, and to do Open Water Diver course. It was such an experience that it is definitely worth of a post of its’ own. Long story short: back in Bali, back in Ubud. Same bungalow where I started my trip, now starting to plan the next steps.

Canggu sunsets.
Canggu sunsets. #neverforget