Past and future

One year ago I was moving to yet another temporary apartment, getting ready for my adventures in Asia. At that point, I had no idea where I’d be in the next 6 months, let alone in a year. Six months ago I was walking on Wategos beach in Byron Bay, trying to decide where my journey would take me next. And here I am today, not sure where I will be in half a year, or the next 12 months. Exciting, scary, promising, frustrating? All of those feelings, and several others, I have to admit. Clearly my path is not the usual kind, where answers come automatically or at least easy. I don’t own a couch and I’ve never had a hair dryer (fun fact I noticed the other day), which definitely makes my life easier to jump from one adventure to the next.

Now it is the time for me to start planning the future, or at least be aware of the possibilities I have. In February I could be in India or in New Zealand, or if I really wanted to I could leave melbourne and move to Tasmania to do my 88 days of rural work. I don’t know, I can’t decide. On the other hand I want to have a fulfilling career that allows me to have that couch and maybe buy a hair dryer as well (yes I know you can travel with one, but I don’t really need one), and a part of this scenario would be not having to return to the motherland. But there are all of these doubts. How will I get the job? Which country do I go and try? How will I survive when I’m all alone and start eating way too much chocolate to drown my sorrows? What if what if and then what? 

The answer to all doubts ever: You don’t know how it will be unless you try. I might have an idea what it could be like going to Germany and not speaking the language (with no real passion to learn it) and trying to find a job that is not in hospitality. But unless I try the scenario, I don’t know. Perhaps that would be it for me, the place where I find peace. I have found peace (and dozens of great cafes) in Melbourne, but the immigration policies of this lovely country sure don’t make it easy for people to enjoy their stay. I am still looking for that Aussie husband, by the way, and now we’d have to live together for 12 months in country x. No worries, I’m pretty flexible on that!