The Hunt

When on The Hunt, one might find themselves hungry, desperate and failing time and again, just to get back on track and try all over again. Sometimes the bounty isn’t what expected, on other occasions the hunter’s carefully aimed arrows miss the target several times in a row. Even when you think you’ve finally hit the jackpot and can now rest peacefully, there is something that goes wrong in the very last minute. This hunt is not only about skills, but also includes luck, sneakiness and subtlety of a ninja as well as very low morals when it comes to catching the prey. Friends, I am talking about renting (share) houses.

It is 5 am and I am sleepless lying on the most uncomfortable and smelly mattress in a shoebox of a room across the street from the main train station of Melbourne. This is not a crack joint, but after my 3 hours of shallow sleep it might just as well be: I am escaping to greener pastures in an hour, sneakily transporting my belongings to the proper apartment with a decent sized bed, no one sleeping in the living room and no share rooms that I scored just last night. The last 3 weeks of househunting have been filled with disappointments, repeating conversations, countless emails and hours of waiting to hear back from places just to be rejected because they chose a friend, someone who could sign a year’s lease (crazy!), or whatever else instead.

One night last week I found myself in a situation of being rejected from both of my preferred apartments, and things started to look gloomy. I took the last opportunity I could come up with: ‘potential short term stay’ in a ‘penthouse’ (is that what they call the top floor nowadays?) in a building with a ‘gym’ (aka room with a bike and a mirror) in the city, the location of writing this post. Luckily signing the lease had a few days delay, so I had time to look around and re-assess my options. 

Everything happens for a reason. I was also pretty damn close to moving in to a house with a snake (the nightmares of the snake were a healthy sign of self defence), and avoided an apartment with no furniture as well as one that was outside temperature and cost 210 dollars a week. I am ready to start a new phase of my Melbourne adventures, along with the new job starting in 2 days. Lucky for me, I can walk to work from home! Pictures coming up.