Finland – The Hot Spot of Superfoods

This is what I do at work; interview professionals about interesting things, such as superfoods! (I wish work was all as glamorous as that sentence sounds, hehe.)

This particular FSF blog post was really nice to make, since I got to tap into phenomenon that I find really interesting. I hope people both in Finland as well as abroad will get something new out of it! In the beginning of the project in last December (!), the project felt quite big, and I am very happy to have it finally out and published. Trust me, the schedule was not delayed because of me. Better late than never, though!

How are things with superfoods in your country? In my travels, I always look for the “superfood” section in the stores, and try to find health stores as well as organic and exotic products. Here in Hong Kong, we have oats from Finland!
Let me know what you think about the post, about superfoods and the whole phenomenon. Goji berries sure are cool, but is it only because of the hype? And how about the price – do you think it is worth it?

Some of the selection in Smoothie Studio, Tampere
Some of the selection in Smoothie Studio, Tampere