Mother’s day getaway

Mother’s day should be every day, not just once in a year! In a way, it is.

View of Tallinn

This year me, my brother and our mother went to a mini vacation to Tallinn for mother’s day. It was perfect: really relaxing, fun and also productive shopping-wise. We all bought a new garderobe. I now have an outfit to my brother’s graduation party, plus some other things that I really needed.

Happy guy with a jug of shrimps in Clayhills bistro

We found a great restaurant in the old town, called Clayhills bistro. It was so good we went there again the next day!

Booze from the shore, just one of the many options for cheap alcohol.

It is interesting that in just 2 hours you can be in another country – even though the language is quite similar, and most of the tourists are Finns who are just going to get drunk and buy cheap alcohol.

It might be a long time until we get to go anywhere together again, so this trip was even more special.