What’s a trip to Toronto without the Niagara falls, eh? I have seen some pretty impressive waterfalls elsewhere, but nothing compares to the volume of these water masses.

Water, the key to life

I was lucky enough to have my friend take a road trip with me to the falls. We visited the over-kitch “creep street” and its’ surroundings, and took the Maid of the Mist cruise (19.27$/person) to the falls.

Tourists cramped up in Maid of the Mist like sardines in a tin

The village around the Canadian side of the Falls is a combination of attractions such as 3 wax museums, laser tag, minigolf, and 3/4/6D movie theaters. It haves fast food joints and classics such as Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood, and besides Starbucks, there is also of course Canada’s favorite coffee spot, Tim Horton’s.

Ice cream and hot dogs – the foundations of a good holiday

Niagara Falls: if you go on the Maid of the Mist, pack extra pair of socks
Travelling: For a long bus trip, take water with you! If you want to sleep, eye mask doesn’t hurt, either.
Air travel: Request a special meal – You get to eat before others even get their food. If possible, choose a seat from the front – You can leave the aircraft earlier. Take an empty water bottle – you can fill it after security check.
Pack facial wipes in hand luggage – the refreshment is needed.
The eye mask.