Anzac day

It has been all over the place for a few weeks now: Anzac day. I figured out that the A stands for Australia, N Z New Zealand and then had to google the last 2: Army Corps. Today is the centenary of Australian (and New Zealand) army corps landing to Gallipoli, Turkey, where they apparently got slaughtered during World War II. This event had the most casualties and all in all it was a shitty situation – and I don’t remember ever studying about this in school! Perhaps I’ve just forgotten it, or then it is not considered as one of the highlights of WWII in Europe.

Nowadays Anzac day is huge: there’s a special footy match with tons of footy fans, parade, memorial ceremonies at dawn, just to name a few. I spent this special day at work: our anzac biscuits sold well, and people were out and about enjoying the gloomy rainy day. Today Anzac represents all the AUstralians who have died in war, and it is carried even through the younger generations.

I find this kind of national event rather interesting: especially when I found out that it is not a religious festival at all (besides a little praying in the memorial, maybe?). If April 25th falls on a weekday, Anzac day is a public holiday. Today, it being a Saturday, some shops had special opening hours (mostly open from afternoon onwards, instead of opening in the morning), but I haven’t really been out enough to figure out if most places are closed or not. I guess I’ll figure it out when dinner time comes.

PS: this is my 200th post on this blog, wohoo! Time for commemorating of my adventures and encounters of the past 3 years.

White pepsi in Tokyo, 2012. Eww.
White pepsi in Tokyo, 2012. Eww.